Whelson / GDC Transport

Whelson / GDC, the cross-border road transport division of Super Group operating under the brands Whelson and GDC, offers efficient, reliable transport throughout the Southern African region. The company transports a variety of cargo including chemicals, fertilizer, tea, tobacco, sugar, flour, salt, steel and all other general cargo. The movement of goods is monitored 24 hours a day by a sophisticated satellite tracking system, with full back up services available.
To ensure the easy passage of goods and cargo, in-transit bond facilities are available at Beitbridge, Nyamapanda, Chirundu and Forbes border posts. The division prides itself on a fleet size of over 450 truck and trailer combinations registered in Zimbabwe, making it capable of serving the region as far north as Congo DR. Typical cargo transported into the region include break bulk items such as foodstuffs, consumables and mining equipment, whilst agricultural and mining products are transported out of the region.
Whelson / GDC is supported throughout the region by a comprehensive depot structure stretching from the port of Durban in South Africa all the way through to Lubumbashi in Congo DR and including staffing and/or depot facilities at all border posts en route. Whelson / GDC is part of the African Logistics division of Super Group, operating under the Supply Chain division. Additional services provided by the African Logistics division include customs clearing, transit bonds, warehousing, bagging, trade finance and insurance.
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