Abnormal Loads

The carriage of goods constituting abnormal loads shall be subject to the following special terms and conditions:

  • Adequate notice shall be given to Whelson to enable it to prepare drawing of such loads, route surveys and local authority clearances and to submit these items to the Provincial and/or Local authorities for their respective consents;
  • The Roads and Bridges Authorities approve a suitable and direct route and do not subsequently vary such route;
  • The customer shall bear the cost of obtaining the consents from the above authorities, removing and replacing any obstacles during loading, off-loading or en-route, raising and reinstating overhead wires, switching the electric power off and on, traffic escorts required and pavement and obstruction fees levied by the authorities concerned, and any other additional services incidental to and necessary for the carriage of such loads where such costs have not been included in the freight quoted by Whelson;
  • The hours and speed of such transportation shall be subject to regulation by the authorities concerned;
  • Whelson not be liable for any damage to any person or property caused by the passage of such loads over and through such property and the customer hereby indemnifies Whelson against all liability and claims whatsoever, by any person whomsoever for:
    • Any such damages to such person and/or property and for any consequential loss or damage arising therefrom;
    • All legal costs incurred by Whelson in resisting any such claims, calculated on the scale between attorney and one’s own client.