Conditions Precedent

Whelson shall only be obliged to perform provided:

  • Whelson, in its sole opinion, has received sufficient notice and information of the customer’s requirements to enable it to properly carry out the transportation and to ensure that a suitable and appropriate vehicle is available;
  • The necessary consents and statutory permits have been granted and remain in force (in the event of such consents or permits being refused or withdrawn for any reason whatsoever, such that no transportation may be performed, the contract, if any, shall terminate and no liability for damages or otherwise shall attach to Whelson);
  • The customer is not in breach of any terms or conditions of this contract or any other contract concluded with Whelson;
  • Whelson is satisfied as to the customer’s solvency, and ability and readiness to pay for the services to be rendered in terms of the contract within the time and in the manner therein prescribed.