Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the customer shall deliver the goods onto the vehicle nominated by Whelson and will take deliver therefrom. Whelson will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the loading or off-loading of the vehicles and the customer indemnifies Whelson against any claims which may be brought against Whelson arising out of the loading, off-loading, overloading, unsafe loading of the vehicles, and/or arising out of any defect in the goods.

  • Nothing herein contained shall be construed as preventing Whelson from giving assistance in loading or off-loading the goods onto or from the vehicle where such assistance is customary and practicable, but assistance so given shall be without any liability on Whelson’s part and shall be at the sole risk of the customer who shall indemnify Whelson accordingly.
  • In the event of any unnecessary delays howsoever caused, whether as a result of loading or off-loading or otherwise, Whelson reserves the right to charge demurrage per hour, calculated on the capacity of the vehicle in question.