Whelson shall have a lien over all goods and documents relating to goods as security for all monies owing to it by the customer.

  • In addition, Whelson shall be entitled to hold all goods as security for any monies which may become due and payable to it by the customer from any cause whatsoever.
  • If any monies are not timeously and fully paid by the customer, Whelson shall be entitled without further notice to the customer:
    • To open and examine any part of the goods;
    • To hold any part of the goods in such manner and upon such terms and conditions as it deems fit;
    • To sell the goods in any manner permitted by law and to apply the proceeds of such sale towards the customer’s indebtedness, provided any surplus shall be paid over to the customer without interest as soon as possible after the sale.
  • Upon payment or tender of the proceeds of any such sale, Whelson shall be released from all liability to the customer in respect of the goods.
  • Whelson’s rights under this clause are not exhaustive and are in addition to any other rights which Whelson may have as against the customer.